Modify existing maps automatically

Challenge is a ManiaPlanet title pack featuring an approaching infinity number of possiblities to enhance your current experience with the game. The title pack is made by the community for the community.

Code your own scripts

Everyone can code, even you! The possibilites of modifications are infinite.

Build your own challenges

Sharing is caring. Modify your maps and upload them for the community to play!

Play the campaign

With over 30 thousand combinations, play the biggest campaign in the history of Trackmania!


Swap start with finish. Nothing else, no more modification. Reversed route, even though it may not sound like, is very difficult on most of the maps. You will be able to try this challenge on over thousand maps with all 10 cars of Trackmania. This script will be part of the official scripts.


Remove all checkpoints from the map but keep their holes. The missing road can sometimes create insanely hard challenge to complete. You will be able to see for yourself in Challenge Campaign title pack.


A very experimental modification which can be described as a combination of normal and reversed route. Start is replaced with multilap, finish is replaced with checkpoint. After you get all of the checkpoints, you have to come back to start and drive two more laps. This challenge is coming with Comeback Reverse, Comeback Checkpointless and Comeback Reverse Checkpointles as a seperate title pack Challenge Comeback. Test your consistency!

Challenge offers you amazing features


Want to play a map in Reverse? Want to play a map in Checkpointless? No problem. But what about both? Everything is possible! You can combine all scripts together and create unique challenges (just make sure they are compatible)!


Playsessions allow you to play solo while interacting with others playing the same map. The most popular maps are shown in the menu and you can join them by simple clicking, if you have the map in your Maps folder, or if the map is available online.


Leaderboard for only best time is boring, is it? Stunts, shorest distance, one lap and best lap will track with the run you're currently driving, and will save to each leaderboard once one of the scores will complete.

...and MORE

Challenge will come with special solo gamemodes counted separately from the regular gamemode. Stay tuned on that one!

Get the title packs!

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Authorize Challenge with your Discord and ManiaPlanet account.